Installing Tyro Adapter
The download for the tyro terminal adapter can be found here.
Once it has downloaded, run the installer and leave all install settings as their defaults.
When the installer is complete, head to control panel and open "Tyro Terminal Adapter"

You should see this window open
You will need to enter the Merchant and Terminal ID then click "Save and Pair"

To find the Merchant and Terminal ID, on the Tyro terminal go to Menu> Configuration> Pair with POS
The IDs needed should be displayed.

Configuring IdealPOS for Tyro

Go to Setup > POS Terminals > Modify the terminal/s with Tyro > EFTPOS tab > Select Tyro as Type > Make other selections as required.


Allow Multiple EFTPOS Tendering – Select to allow for multiple cards to be used within the one transaction.


Automatically choose Tender Type based on Card Type – This option allows for POS to receive the Card Type from the EFTPOS terminal, and will apply that setting to the Journal and Customer Receipt.


Enable Integrated EFTPOS post-transaction Tips – This will allow for the operator to add a tip to a transaction that has previously been processed. Used commonly in restaurant/bar tab scenarios. This option must be selected if you want to do tipping of any kind with Tyro.


Only print 2 receipts if Signature Required – This will allow you to save paper by only printing an extra receipt where a signature is required.

Don't automatically print EFTPOS Receipt when Receipts turned off - This option will save receipts from printing if you have them turned off.



Go to the Receipt Printer Tab > Empty Lines Section > Enter Value > Exit and Save. The Empty Lines value affects the printing of the EFTPOS receipt when using the Print EFTPOS Receipts Locally option in the Tyro Control Panel.



Tipping -

Go to Setup > Functions > Received on Account > Enter Description and ensure it is not selected for Gift Voucher or Credit Note.



On the Tyro Pinpad go to Menu > 5 – Settings > 10 – Tipping > 1 – Enable Tipping > Restart Tyro Pinpad by holding down the CORR button.




Tyro Enabled Buttons

Tyro can use the following Button Functions.


EFTPOS Functions - EFTPOS Functions Button will print out a Tyro summary report.


EFTPOS Settlement - EFTPOS Settlement Button will perform a settlement on the Tyro terminal & print out the summary for the day.


Before using Tyro with Idealpos –

Restart Idealpos before attempting to perform any transactions through the Tyro system.