Sometimes Windows will do a windows update that can cause your device to change it's IP address settings from Fixed (non changing) to Automatic (changing regularly), This can cause issues with your system and it communicating to other pos devices

Below are steps to change your ip address to a fixed ip in windows, Please note that you should not attempt this unless advised to do so and inputting the incorrect details can and will cause your device to go offline

*Assistance with issues caused from this are chargeable*

Step 1 - Open "Control Panel" and Click into "Network & Internet"

Step 2 - Click the "Network and Sharing Centre" header

Step 3 - Click the Connection Type written in blue (note it may also say Wifi or Local Area Connection)

Step 4 - Click the Properties Box

Step 5 - Choose "Internet Protocol Version 4" from the list and then click "Properties"

Step 6 - Choose the options to "Use the following IP Address" & "Use the following DNS server Addresses"

Step 7 - Fill in the Circled Fields