This is to write a script and batch file to successfully use Winscp to pull new files/purchase orders off a ftp server/website

  1. First you need to gather the FTP Details, they will look something like the below:
    • Member number  = 1234
    • FTP password = *********
    • Server =
  2. Once you have this info go to and download winscp
  3. Once this is downloaded open the program and input the ftp details (see image WinScp 1)
  4. Login and type your password
  5. Download a file from the ftp server and click on the arrow next to transfer settings in the box that pops up (refer to image WinScp 2)
  6. Click on Generate code
  7. Copy the highlighted text and paste into a test document and save as "FTPscript.txt"
  8. Then download the attached batch file "runftp.bat"
  9. Paste the files "FTPscript.txt" and "runftp.bat" into the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\WinSCP"
  10. Create a folder under C drive with the same parameters as the remote ftp server shows in winscp, for example C:\d1\memberftp\supcelexpqld\1234
  11. Use Windows Task Scheduler to set this to run when required