Pending Sales are used to save a sale for use at a later stage, or to save the sale until certain

requirements have been made. When saving a sale, it can be retrieved from any terminal using the POS

Screen. Pending Sales are not finalized or accounted for until they have been processed and tendered.



Add items to the sale as per a normal. Instead of finalizing the sale, press the Pending Sale button

(usually labeled “Takeaway” “Phone Order” “pick Up” etc.)

The Save Pending Sale screen will open.

Enter as many or as little details about the customer as you like.

If the order is not going to be processed straight away you can change the date and time settings to suit

when the customers wants this order.

When you have entered all the details you require, press the save button.

 The customer’s order will print out with the description of the pending sale as well as the allocated date

and time for the order.


To retrieve a pending sale, log in to the sales screen and press the Pending Sale button without adding

any items to the sale. The Pending Sale screen will open and show a list of all the saved sales.

Clicking on a pending sale will display its contents on the right hand side.

Once you have found the sale you require, you can perform the following actions using the buttons at

the bottom of the screen:

Modify – This button will bring up the Save Pending Sale screen which allows you to edit the details of

the pending sale such as the category, or name and address.

Print – This button will print the pending sale to the receipt printer. This is not a tax invoice, but can act

like a quotation.

OK – This button will send the pending sale to the POS screen, ready for adding items or finalizing.

Process the sale as though it is a normal sale. Press the ENTER button and choose a Tender.