Any reports that you like can be saved by pressing the S button at the top of the screen

Once a report has been saved there is two areas it can appear depending on where you saved it, It will show in either Favourite Reports or Other Reports. We recommend saving reports you want to pull manually in Favourites and reports you want to email in Others

Once you have your reports saved and are ready to setup the email schedule you need to go to Setup > Schedules 

From this screen you can edit any schedules you previously have setup by double clicking on them or you can add a new one by clicking the Add button and the bottom of the screen and following the below steps.

  1. Add a description for the schedule, eg. Yesterday's Reports

  2. Set the date, time & days you want the report to email

  3. Add in the desired email address and a message is required

  4. Drag your Shortcutted report down into the schedule