Sales reports can also be found under the Reporting Tab. We have listed a few of the most Common reports below but there are a number of reports available and we recommend contacting the office to assist getting the right information out of your system.

  1. Financial Report.

    1. This is the most commonly used report and can be found under Reports > Financial > Financial Report

    2. This report gives you an overview of sales for a time period showing cash and eftpos splits, total taking/ discounts and much more information

  1. Stock Item Sales Report

    1. This is also a commonly used report and it can be found under Reports > Sales > Stock Item Sales

    2. This report can be filtered to show you your best to worst selling items grouped by the department they are in

  1. Department Sales Report

    1. This report is commonly used to group your sales ito departments and is used commonly to give an overview of which departments are selling better

    2. This is found under Reports > Sales > Department Sales

  1. Cash Delcaration

    1. This report shows you the figures that were imputed at the end of day and is commonly used for owners to keep track of staff and cash variances

    2. This is found under Reports > Sales > Cash Declaration