Customer Transactions can be broken down into a few different reports, these are all found under Reports > Customers. Examples of the most common reports are below:

Customer Sales Report, This shows total sales by customer by customer type to help keep track of where customer spending is at. This can also be setup to show Stock item or Department Sales By customer

Best Customers Report & Inactive Customers Report, these reports as the name suggests show your best spending customers and which customers have been inactive for the time period selected.

Customer Trial Balance, This is commonly used to see where customers are at with regards to paying accounts and which customers require payment from 1 to 3+ months of transactions

Statements & Invoices

Customer Statements and Invoices can be customised to have as much information as you require, These are also found under the Reports > Customers area and when pulling a Statement we recommend setting the date range to last month and using the S at the top right of the screen to save the Statement/Invoice so we can schedule it to be automatically emailed to the customer on required dates,  This is explained below under Scheduling Reports. An example of a customer Statement is below: