Using the End Shift function will allow you to enter a cash declaration and compare the money in your hand to the money POS expects you to have. From here if there are any variances POS will inform you.

To perform an End of Shift Click the Admin tab and press the End of Shift Button. A screen will then come up where you can add up all your cash and enter your eftpos settlement if applicable.

When using integrated eftpos every eftpos transaction is going to be the same in both pos and the eftpos pinpad therefore you automatically remove any chance of an eftpos variance and when doing end of day you do not have to enter a settlement as it will all be linked up, compared to unintegrated eftpos where printing out that settlement and entering the eftpos figure is a required step to find any eftpos variances. If you have any questions about integrated eftpos then feel free to contact our office on 07 3483 0525.

The system can also be set so when a terminal takes over $1000 cash or any defined number then pos will prompt for a safe drop to remove excess cash out of the till.