Images can be added onto buttons provided they are the right size and format as below

Images need to be 110 pixels wide by 104 pixels high

All images need to be in .jpg format

To add images you first need to add the image into the pictures folder located on your PC in the below folder however if you call the office we can create a shortcut on your desktop for this folder.

C:\ProgramData\Idealpos Solutions\Idealpos\Pictures

Once the image is in the correct folder you need to follow the below instructions

  1. Go to Setup > POS Screen > POS Screen Setup

  2. Modify the layout you wish to edit

  3. Click on the button you wish to edit

  4. Under the Graphic option click the arrow and select your image

  1. Save and close pos and reopen for the changes to take effect

If you have multiple terminals you need to follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Utilities > Send > Pictures Folder

  1. Press Select All

  2. Press OK

  1. This will send your pictures to all your terminals