Stock control, the age old question, we have broken this down into two areas, one for adding the Carton/master item and one for adding the indirect item

Carton/Master Item

All items in the system can be run for stock control, what this means is stock takes and purchase orders can be done on that product and every time it’s sold it will pull items from the stock level. To set an item for stock control you need to go in and modify the item, next tick stock control as shown below and save.

Stock Control items can also set to have a minimum and reorder stock level, this means that when an item is below the minimum stock level you can generate a auto filled out purchase order which will tell you how much stock to order.

Indirect Items:

Indirect items is what the system calls component stock control items, what this means is we can set an indirect item for example 1 bottle or Great Northern to link to a component items for example 1 carton of Great Northern. This allows us to have the bottle pull I item from a carton of 24, pos will also work out a cost price and margin for the bottle based on the cost of the carton if any cost prices have been entered. 

Indirect items can also be setup for food so when a burger is sold it pulls one burger bun, 1 beef patty, 2 slices of cheese, 50 grams of bacon, 50 grams of sauce and 1 egg. An example of this is below

To Setup an item for Indirect stock control you first need to modify the stock item you want to link, once there press the indirect item tick option below stock control.

This opens up the field at the top of the screen called indirect item. In this tab you can add a indirect link and link the product up with the stock item it is pulling stock from and enter the quantity it is pulling.