To add a Stock Item you first need to open into the stock item listing, you can do this by going to “File > Stock Control > Stock Items” Once there there is a few steps you need to follow:

  1. Stock Code.You will notice in the stock listing that there is a code column on the left hand side, this is how we identify each item. When about to add an item we need to find the next available stock code. Each stock code is made up with 3 to 4 letters of the department and numeric numbers so you need to find the code listed for the department you want to add the item into. For example the Entrees department has a stock code of “ENT001” and so on, See example below, based on the below you would use a code of “ENT016” as the last number so far is “15”

  2. AddPress the Add button down the bottom right of the screen

  3. Stock CodeAdd the Stock Code we worked out earlier into the first field named Stock Code

  4. DescriptionAdd the Description of the product into the Description Field, you can add two descriptions into an item, Description 1 prints on the receipt and Description 2 prints on the kitchen docket. An example of this would be Barbeque Chicken Wings printing on the receipt but BBQ Wings printing to the Kitchen.

  5. DepartmentTo the right of the stock code you have the Department section, from here you can link the product to the department by pressing the > arrow and selecting your department in the drop down menu, e.g you would link the product to the Entrees as it is an Entree

  6. Scan CodeYou can link products to scan codes if you have a Barcode Scanner, simply click in the field under departments and scan the barcode

  7. PricingYou have the option of using up to 12 different price levels however if you want to do this please contact the office on 07 3483 0525. By default all you need to change is the Normal Price field. You can select force selling price entry if you want the product to ask for the price every time it is sold

  8. Cost PriceYou can put in a cost price for the item if you know it however this is not needed

  9. PrintersTo the right of the selling price you can select where you want the item to print