Maxgaming MaxPOS Interface

Modified on: Mon, 21 May, 2018 at 1:13 PMMaxgaming has a add on called MaxPOS which is an enhancement to the existing POS interface that allows the POS system to send the details of each transaction at the time of Sale which can then be used for analysis within MaxGaming.
Setup is as follows:
1. Ensure you have MaxGaming License enabled on each POS 2. Go to Setup > POS Terminals 3. Modify each POS 4. Go to the POS Settings TAB 5. Enter the following User-Defined
Description = MAXGAMINGTRANSetting = 1  

6. Ensure you close suite & restart POS
The data sent to MaxGaming as part of the MaxPOS interface includes:
1.Total Dollar value of transaction  ie  $64.50
2.Individual Till Id
3.Product type (PLU) and number purchased ie 2 x Corona, 3 x XXXX Gold,  1 x garlic prawns, 1 x herb bread, 2 x Cappuccinos
4.Individual item values
5.Product Description
6.Product Grouping
If any logging is required you will find the extra detail is included in the IPSGaming.log file located on each POS Terminal.