Two folders are attached, one for use on a back office PC and one for use on a terminal

Follow the below steps after choosing the correct folder

  1. Download the folder to your PC
  2. Copy the folder to the clients PC
  3. Unzip the folder
  4. Copy the folder within the folder to C drive
  5. Open Elevated CMD
  6. Type the below into CMD
    • cd c:\
    • cd subinacl
    • subinacl.bat
  7. This will then run the commands

A list of what each folder/command fixes in the subinacl folder is below

optimise = Fix Memory issues by allocating memory
runasadmin = Set Pos Permissions in registry
sqladduser = Adds User in SQL and gives full Permissions
AVG2016 = Adds POS Exclusions in AVG 2016
cliconfg = Sets SQL Alias for better functionality
nowin10upgrade = Disable Win 10 Upgrades