PS ping is a program designed to ping websites and ports from cmd

PS ping can be used to determine where the fault lies in a terminal/PC not connecting to the licensing gateway or if a PC can connect to the below website but still gets an error back from the licensing gateway

Idealpos Licensing Gateway:

Steps to use PS Ping to test the licensing gateway are below:

  1. Download psping or psping64 (depending of system) from the attachments available
  2. Move the psping exe file to C drive
  3. Run the file
  4. Open cmd
  5. Paste the following one line at a time into cmd for psping
    1. cd/
    2. psping
    3. psping
  6. Or for psping64 paste the following one line at a time
    1. cd/
    2. psping64
    3. psping64
  7. Or for epos paste the following
    1. cd/
    2. psping64
  8. A successful connection should look like the attached screenshot