Delay Cash Declaration Count

The Delay Cash Declaration feature is used when staff counting the denominations in the drawer is not safe at the terminal or to simplify the process of swapping shifts, for example swapping floats and cash between lunch and dinner. The Delay Cash Declaration feature allows the staff member or manager to count the cash in the back room or office. The Cash Declaration will then need to be entered into the POS the next time the clerk logs in. 

The process for doing a delayed cash declaration is below:

  1. Clerk logs in

  2. Clerk hits end of shift

  3. The message attached will pop up, hit proceed 

  4. Clerk goes to back room and takes cash drawer insert with them

  5. New manager puts insert with float in and clerks in

  6. Puts float entry in as usual start of shift

  7. Serving can now happen while other manager/clerk is counting cash drawer

  8. Clerk comes back after having counted cash drawer

  9. Clerk signs into pos and normal cash declaration screen comes up

  10. Clerk then put in figures and is finished