As a guideline the following information is required to construct a database for IdealPOS. If you need to copy the below into the database ticket as a checklist please do so.

note: All systems in retail and bar are to be configured for stock control with indirect listings.

Attached is the code listing to be used to streamline setup. If the attachment needs to be amended please address at meeting

Level 1: The below is a guideline of topics to be raised at the first meeting with the client. 


  • Sales Categories
  • Departments
  • Stock Items
  • Indirect Items
  • Print Groups


  • Receipt Print
  • Kitchen/Drink Orders
  • Global Option Layouts


  • Buttons
  • Grid Links
  • Table Mapping
  • Admin Menu Tab


  • User permission groups
  • Clerk logins
  • Employee Log


  • Customer Types
  • Bar Tabs
  • Accounts

Level 2: The below is more regarding training based on your changes for the initial meeting and to assist the client to better utiliser the system from installation day.

  • Yes/No Options
  • Reports
  • Stock Control
  • Purchase Orders/Stock Received
  • Accounting Integration
  • Promotions/Price Schedules
  • Range Programming
  • iOS Table Ordering
  • iOS Stock Manage
  • Write Off Categories
  • Report Scheduling
  • Gift Vouchers
  • Label Printing

Level 3: The topics below are very customisable systems that we integrate with. The processes can vary quite dramatically depending on clients needs etc.

  • Online store integrations
  • Gaming Systems
  • App Integration