This fix is to resolve issues found with the i15-J1900 with the ADATA SSD running Windows 10 IoT Ent2016 LTSB Entry.

The symptoms that were being experienced include the machine running slow, intermittent freezing, Idealpos software crashing and error messages in the event logs:

  1. Extract the zip file ‘’ to a USB memory stick.
  2. Next insert the USB memory stick into each of the machines identified as needing the fix applied.
  3. The ‘power.bat’ batch files needs to be run as administrator, to do this: 
    1. Right mouse click on power.bat and select ‘Run as administrator’
  4. To confirm that the changes have been applied:
    1. Go into Control Panel and select Power Options
    2. Then confirm that you have an Idealpos power plan and that it is selected:
  5. There is no need to reboot the machine.

Attached is PDF documenting instructions on this and also file