1. To find the length of a cell

    - In a blank cell type =len("enter cell position eg. A4)

    - If you started at the top cell you can drag this down to get the length of all cells

2. Split Cells by spaces

    - Type =split(string, delimiter) into a cell

    - An example of this would be =split(A2," ")

    - This will split all words in the cell chosen by the spaces

3. Merge Cells

    - If you have 2 cells with different information and want to combine them

    - In a blank cell on the same row type =concatenate(A2," ", B2) 

    - The “ “, separates each single value with a space.

    - You can then drag this down to combine more cells in the collumn

4. Add a plus in front of a positive number

    - Go to Format - Number - More Formats - Custom Number Format

    - Type +0;-0;0 into the dialogue box and hit apply

5. Make everything caps

- go to empty cell

-type =upper(A1)