1. To test internet connectivity and get a rough estimate if the internet is dropping out:

    - Open CMD

    - Type: "ping -t" without the "

    - This will monitor internet connectivity constantly

    - To stop this you need to press ctrl + c

2. To find all ip addresses on network:

    - You need your ip address so open up network and sharing center

    - Click on your internet connection properties and click details

    - Look at what it says your ip address is, usually ip addresses look similar to the following 192.168.0.? or 10.0.0.? The last letter is a question mark as this is always variable

    - Open CMD

    - Type: ping "your ip address"

    - Once that action is completed

    - Type: "arp -a"

    - This gives you a list of every device on the networks ip address and their mac address

3. Abort a command in CMD

    - Open CMD

    - Type ctrl + c

    - This will abort any command done in CMD

4. View your computers complete network information

    - Open CMD

    - Type ipconfig/all

    - This gives you complete network information and detail