When integrating eftpos to POS systems there are a few things to take into account pre-installation and during


The attached Document demonstrates the benefits of integrating with TYRO.

Note. This Document can be sent to clients to provide clarity on EFTPOS solutions

Installation Tasks

  1. Who is installing the PC eftpos software?
  2. Are you running a server to host you connection to the bank or a direct connection?
  3. Who is installing the hardware to the terminals?
  4. What Cable Type will be interfacing into the Current POS terminal?
  5. What plan is required to changeover these terminals to cause minimal impact on your trade? eg. what time for each POS unit?
  6. Settlement times?

Tyro Eftpos is our preferred Eftpos provider due to the easy setup, excellent product support & reliability and ability to run without using the PC Eftpos middle management software as every other bank in Australia works

There are multiple Advantages of using Tyro and Running a Tyro Integration and some Disadvantages which are all Listed below


  1. Reliability

    1. Tyro has a 99.9% uptime

    2. The integration between EposNow & Tyro is built into the application meaning it is quick, easy & reliable

  2. Easy to Setup

    1. The Tyro Integration is setup in the back office and once done never needs to be done again. 

    2. This means if a till goes down you don’t have to load up software and pair the tyro again, all you need to do is tick Enable Tyro Payments on the till and select your eftpos machine if applicable

    3. This gives you the ability to be up and running quicker if a machine did die

  3. Eliminate eftpos variances


  1. Automatic Surcharging

    1. We currently do not support Automatic Surcharging through the Tyro Pinpad

    2. If there is enough interest in this we will develop this feature

  2. Pay at Table

    1. We currently do not support Pay at Table through the Tyro Pinpad

    2. If there is enough interest in this we will develop this feature