If you have Hamachi installed on a PC and then the ip address of the pos terminal changes then Hamachi will stop all internet conenction but still lets the ethernet/wifi adapter believe it has internet connection

This usually happens when:

- The ip address had been set to static after Hamachi is installed

- The pos terminal has lost internet connection completely and Hamachi has become the only active adapter and then when it reconnects to the internet even though the ip address is the same as when it was before the internet dropout Hamachi will knock off the internet


1. If you are not onsite then talk someone onsite in going into network and sharing centre, clicking change adapter settings, clicking hamachi and then hitting disable this network device. 

    - See images attached Hamachi fix 1.1 and 1.2

2. If you are onsite then follow instructions above yourself

    - See images attached Hamachi fix 1.1 and 1.2

3. If the site has multiple terminals then their is another way

    - In the full version of Teamviewer there is an option to allow LAN connections, by default it is set to disabled but if allowed on both               terminals you can log into the offline terminal via another terminal

    - In Teamviewer, click Extras, options and then in the general tab there is a section called incoming LAN connections, change this to             allow

    - On the main screen of teamviewer and enter the ip address of the terminal into the partner id, imput the password and you will be                 logged in

    - Follow the steps from options 1 from here

    - Keep in mind that this has to be set on the offline terminal also so best to do it before the terminals are installed

    - See Images Teamviewer LAN Connection 1 - 3